Tesla Model 3 vs Toyota Mirai: Who’s The Boss?

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We have heard from Toyota that they have now started production on the Toyota Mirai fuel cell vehicle. But will the vehicle be able to take on the Tesla Model 3?

The launch of the production of the Toyota Mirai has come at a time that is very interesting for the car maker and this is down to the fact that they announced it just five years after what was their lowest point in history.

The Toyota Mirai fuel cell has the name Future in Japan and it will be powered by hydrogen. Instead of emitting carbon dioxide like traditional vehicles, this will emit water. This means that it will offer up zero emissions.

The Tesla Model 3 is making its debut on March 31 and this is going to be an all-electric model with production starting in 2017.

When the Toyota Mirai does come out it will be priced at slightly over $60,000 and Toyota are planning to build just 700 units of the vehicle for the year.

Toyota have come a long way but whether the Toyota Mirai fuel cell will have what it takes to win people away from the Tesla Model 3 remains to be seen.

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