Tesla Model 3: The Wild Child

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The electric cars are known for being the quiet ones now but that won’t be the case in two years time as Congress finalizes their regulations for future electric cars.

While it is nice to own a quiet car, it was also pointed out that these new silent electric vehicles could be a danger to other road users. When the vehicle is traveling below a certain speed, they are practically silent and other road users won’t even hear them coming.

To prevent that from being a real issue in the future, the Congress has demanded that electric cars be fitted with some sound so that people can hear it coming. Although this was brought up back in 2014, it looks like we will only see it happen in 2020.

Once it is in place, models like the Tesla Model 3 will have to make some noise as long as they are traveling below 18miles although they are still discussing whether they should allow the automakers to offer their customers a few sound option or just decide on one universal sound.

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