Tesla Model 3: The Less The Better

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When it comes to the interior of new models, the consumers seems to like it better if the automaker could make it as simple as they can. Most people wants to see fewer controls and button and based on the latest Tesla Model 3 spy images, it looks like that is what Tesla will be offering.

From what we can make out from the images, it looks like the Tesla Model 3 interior will not be straying too far from the concept that we saw last year. The minimalist design will now come with a three-spoke wheel.

Some people were not a fan of the simple concept last year as they felt like there was a lot missing since the owner will not be getting any gauge cluster or physical button.

Most people thought that the design will not make it into production but now, it looks like Tesla is going to stick with it. Customers will get a large touchscreen in the front of the dashboard.

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  1. [email protected]

    May 31, 2017 at 4:43 pm

    I just don’t like the idea of only a tablet for controls. It will make the driver take their eyes off the road to play with touch screen. So when you want to turn the heat on, you’ll have to look down and go thru menus. Just as dangerous as texting on a cellphone.
    I’m now leaning towards the bolt for its more traditional gauges/etc.