Tesla Model 3: Tesla Want You To Share

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With everything that the Tesla Model 3 has to offer, it does not surprise us that they would want more people to experience the vehicle by making it easier to the owners to share their Tesla Model 3.

We know that the Tesla Model 3 will come with a smartphone app. Previously, the app was used to unlock the vehicle but now, Tesla has hinted that the app might also come with a new feature that would allow the car to adjust its details based on the driver.

Instead of having the same work destination no matter who is behind the wheels, Elon Musk suggested that their Tesla will now automatically adjust to your destination when they move all the settings to the cloud. The Model 3 will also come with a cabin facing camera that would allow users to monitor the driver.

Tesla is also working on their car sharing program called Tesla Network which would probably make full use of all these new features.

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