Tesla Model 3 Takes Record Bookings, But Note Confirmed Sales

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We have heard that there have been record bookings for the Tesla Model 3. However this doesn’t mean that the sales of the vehicle have been confirmed.

What it does happen to send out is a signal to investors along with the general car industry that about 253, 000 people have handed over more than $1000. What this also means is that Tesla will not have a struggle on their hands to be able to find the money needed to boost up production of the Tesla Model 3 in order for them to meet the high demand.

Of course all the people who did put down money on the Tesla Model 3 will have to find the remainder of the 35k when the vehicle eventually does come out. That’s not to say that some people didn’t give much thought as to where they would get the remainder of the money from to pay for their vehicle.

But are you one of the 253,000 people that managed to put up a deposit of $1,000 to get their hands on the Tesla Model 3?

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