Tesla Model 3: Record Bookings Doesn’t Mean Confirmed Sales

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It has been said that there has been record bookings of the Tesla Model 3, but bear in mind that while there may be, this doesn’t mean that sales are confirmed.

Of course it does send out a great signal to the investors and car industry in general as 253,000 people would apparently spend upwards of $1000 on a vehicle. This means that Tesla isn’t going to have to struggle to find money to boost production of their vehicle so that they can meet demand.

Bear in mind that these people are also going to have to find the rest of the 35k when the Tesla Model 3 does come our way. Some people may have been over zealous and put the first part of the money down hoping that they will win the lottery or figure out some other way to get hold of the rest of the cash.

Are you among the 253,000 that put the $1,000 up to secure a Tesla Model 3 and if so are you going to have to struggle to find the rest of the money?