Tesla Model 3 Ready To Take Over Europe

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While the start has been shaky for the Tesla Model 3 here in the US, it looks like things are getting better for them to the point where they are ready to head over to Europe with the Tesla Model 3.

According to the reports, the Tesla Model 3 will be heading to the Goodwood Festival of Speed in Europe. While most of the vehicles that head to the Goodwood Festival of Speed would usually be on the move, the Model 3 will not. Instead, it will only be there as a display model.

The Tesla Model 3 that will be on display will be a left-hand drive model as the right-hand drive model will only be produced next year. Besides getting the standard Tesla Model 3, the vehicle will also be getting the two dual-motor Tesla Model 3 model including the performance-focused model.

More details will be revealed when the vehicle makes its debut in Europe.

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