Tesla Model 3 Performance To Get Track Mode Package?

The Tesla Model 3 Performance already has a lot to offer now but Tesla not looking to stop as new reports suggest that they might be working on a new Track Mode for the vehicle.

A catalog was posted up on Reddit showing the new Track Mode Package that will be offered to the Model 3 Performance model. The package will come with a few new features including new tires, revised brakes, carbon fiber wheel cap and also the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 ties which are the same ties that the Tesla Roadster prototype is fitted with right now.

This is a nice upgrade from the current Track Mode that the Model 3 Performance has which only improves the car’s ability to tackle corners and improving tis brake but this new upgrade will make sure there is more a difference.

No word on whether the mode can be purchased by existing car owners or if it a factory option.