Tesla Model 3 Owners Could Lose It After Awhile

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Owners of the Tesla Model 3 in the future could end up losing it as we have heard that it may take forever to get their vehicle repaired or serviced. This is due to the fact that the company is growing fast but the infrastructure isn’t able to keep up and this is going to pose issues in the future.

It has been said that current owners of vehicles who need services or repairs are having to wait for much longer than usual and of course many of them are not too happy about this.

One owner of the Tesla Model X, who changed to it from the 2013 Tesla Model S said that when he contacted the service centre about a window that wouldn’t close, the earliest they could fit him in for a repair was 10 days later. Of course as he had spent $130,000 on the vehicle he wasn’t happy about waiting that long. He went on to say that when he had issues with the Model S, Tesla had fixed the issues straight away.

Many other consumers with Tesla vehicles complained about waiting times and they said they can be as long as five weeks. There are 61 service centres located in 24 states and the website of Tesla announced another 10 coming soon.

Of course it has also been pointed out that its not just because Tesla are short on service centres, but also the fact that their vehicles are now so far advanced, the company has strict control on the work that is done on the vehicles. As the company expands the waiting issue is only going to get worse.

While many owners are patient and forgiving when the Tesla Model 3 at $35k arrives, people are going to be less patient. Would you wait for five weeks to get your Model 3 fixed?

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