Tesla Model 3: Not As Affordable As We Think

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Like all the other Tesla models, the Tesla Model 3 will also come with a few variants and while the base model will still come in with a $35,000, the Tesla Model 3 price tag can go up a lot if you want to have more.

The Tesla Model 3 will come with a few options that could hike up the price significantly. The base model will offer about 220miles of range and if that is not enough, Tesla is offering to extend that range for you for $9000.

On top of that, Tesla will also be offering a Premium Upgrade package that will come with a long list of upgrade features like the heated seats, two rear USBs, 12way power adjustable front seats, tinted glass roof with UV and infrared protection, premium audio system, heated side mirrors, auto dimming side mirror, upgrade center control, LED fog lights and more. The update will cost you $7500.

There is also the Enhanced Autopilot feature that will allow the driver to enjoy some hands-free driving. That will cost an additional $5000. How far will you go with the Tesla Model 3?

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