Tesla Model 3 Might Not Have Looks of Preview

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The Tesla Model 3 was seen in preview but now we are hearing that the vehicle might arrive and have looks that are nothing like the preview. Elon Musk said that design tweaks of the Model 3 have been made and that these would be completed by June.

It is thought that the Tesla Model 3 may arrive with production spec drivetrains and that the design is now very close to being completed.

The CEO said that the design of the Tesla Model 3 was going to mean high volume production and that production would be more efficient. We know that the vetting process is stricter and that there has been an increase in the vertical integration in the production process. All production for parts of the vehicle are expected to be made in-house.

Tesla have said that changes should mean a boost in production of around 500,000 vehicle per year in 2018. The company is hoping to be able to produce about one million vehicles by 2020. But do you have your eye on the Tesla Model 3?

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