Tesla Model 3 Means Leaf, Prius and Volt Should Give Up

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If the Tesla Model 3 has anything to do with it then the Leaf, Volt and Prius should give up. Who in their right mind would buy another electric vehicle other than the Model 3?

Affordable electric vehicles sales have been going down since 2014 and it is thought that they will continue to do so when the Tesla Model 3 enters the market as it will damage the sales of other electric vehicles.

The 2017 Tesla Model 3 will reach 60mph in only 6 seconds and it is going to offer up a range of 125 miles. It is packed with plenty of features, along with safety features and has a price tag in the region of $35,000 before incentives are taken off. The vehicle should make its way out in 2017, so it looks like people may put off purchasing an electric vehicle until then.

The BMW i3 and the Nissan Leaf are both slower, while the Leaf ranks low for safety among electric vehicles. So would you pay out for another electric vehicle when the best is coming our way in 2017 thanks to the 2017 Tesla Model 3?