Tesla Model 3: Late Is Still Better Than Never

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Most people doubted that Tesla would actually meet their Tesla Model 3 target last month which was to produced 5000 units of the Tesla Model 3 before June ends so it was a nice surprise to see Tesla actually making it although they were a few hours late.

Tesla’s Fremont, California factory manage to squeeze out the final Tesla Model 3 on Sunday morning 5 AM PDT. While it is nice to finally hear that Tesla is catching up in terms of production rate, some people are also worried that Tesla won’t be able to keep this level of production going for long.

We do know that Tesla added extra shifts and even a new assembly line in a huge tent outside of their main factory to get to the 5000 unit mark and some people are doubting that Tesla would be able to keep this up for long.

Tesla would most likely announce the production and delivery numbers for the quarter later this week.

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