Tesla Model 3 Isn’t Smallest Tesla Sedan Yet; Model 1, Anyone?

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Right, we all are aware of the hype that’s been up and about regarding the much-anticipated Tesla Model 3 that’s due to be launched next month (not forgetting other goodies like the iPhone 5se and etc…). But is it true that it’s worthy of all the attention it’s getting, or are we just talking about it since there’s nothing wrong Elon Musk can do?

And since it ain’t going to be the smallest sedan Tesla has ever made, it’s probably time for us to opt for a Model S ride-on; kids edition. Toy maker Radio Flyer had just recently collaborated with Tesla Motors in coming up with a mini-sized Model S just for the kids, and the real kick here is that it’s powered by lithium ion batteries rather than traditional lead-acid cells. So there’s that to look forward to next time you’re bringing your kid to the park.

So if that still doesn’t interest you, then you should probably get back into opting for the mythical Tesla Model 1. Either way, we’re sure you’re going to be a happy consumer once you’ve decided on either of these Tesla cars.

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