Tesla Model 3: Getting Too Hands-On

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Tesla has been getting a lot of heat from their customers as they continue to struggle with their production. The latest report claims that Tesla is going everything they can to speed things up and that includes getting their employees to assemble the batteries by hand.

CNBC reported that Tesla is resorting to assembling their batteries by hands and that they even borrowed employees from Panasonic to help with the assembling. The report also added that the personnel that is in charge of quality-control is inexperienced which could lead to more issues in the future.

Tesla later denied those claims and added that it is on track to achieve their latest production target. With two delays so far, we can’t really blame the fans for not believing the Tesla when they say that they are on track.

Right now, the goal is to make 2500 units of the Tesla Model 3 a week in the first quarter and work towards building 5000 units of Tesla Model 3 by the end of the second quarter. We will have to wait and see if Tesla can actually do it.

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