Tesla Model 3 Gets Biological War Tested

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When the Tesla Model X arrived last year Elon Musk spoke up about the concept of a new SUV which came with BioWepon Defense mode. Now we have actually seen this being tests when the Tesla Model 3 went through a biological war test.

The Tesla Model 3 has 2 stage air filtration and this has HEPA filter. It is said to be able to give the vehicle a sterile interior and it can clean allergens out of the vehicle as well as viruses and bacterial. The driver simply has to press a button and the cabin is like a hospital environment.

The testing on the Tesla Model 3 was made with the filteration system and it may be seen on the Model S.

In the test the Model X had occupants and high levels of pollution were in the car. The Bioweapon Defence mode was turned on and it took it only 2 minutes before he air was so clean that pollution could not be detected.