Tesla Model 3 Gets Biological War Mode Test

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The Tesla Model X arrived on the market last year and then Elon Musk began to spoke up about the concept of the new SUV with the BioWepon Defense mode. We have now seen this being tested on the Tesla Model 3.

Tesla designed the Tesla Model 3 with superb filtration and this is 2 stage with HEPA filter. The filter is said to be able to clean any allergens from the air along with viruses and bacterial. The driver just has to press the defence mode button and they get a clean hospital environment in the cabin.

The testing of the filtration system on the Tesla model 3 has been made and all being well we should expect to see it on the Model S.

In the testing the Model X had people inside and the environment had high levels of pollution. When the Biodefence mode is turned on it cleans the inside of the vehicle in just 2 minutes. It managed to scrub the air inside and bring the pollution levels down so that it wasn’t able to be measured.

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