Tesla Model 3 Did Not Impress Consumer Reports

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Now that Tesla is working even harder to get the Tesla Model 3 onto the hands of their customers, we are seeing more and more feedback from the Tesla Motor 3 owners but if you are looking for a more neutral report, well, Consumer Reports now has one ready for you.

Consumer Reports did actually purchased one of the Tesla Model 3 and has given it a test. According to Consumer Reports, the Tesla Model 3 falls short of a CR Recommendation.

They pointed out that the vehicle had poor and inconsistent emergency braking distance as different models offer different braking distances. They also added that there were some issues with the touchscreen and that at the end of the day, the touchscreen just takes away too much of the driver’s attention. Other issues include excessive wind noise, stiff ride and more.

Besides Consumer Reports, Edmunds has also reported having a lot of issues with their Tesla Model 3.

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