Tesla Model 3: Customers Happy With Empty Dash

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Most people would prefer to have a lot more buttons and features on the dash of their car but it looks like for the Tesla Model 3 customers, less is definitely better here.

We have already seen what Tesla will be offering on the Model 3. One thing that most people notice was how simple the dash is on the inside. Tesla tried to do away with dials and button so what we have is a dash that is fairly empty and clean.

According to the fans, they could not be happier with the design of the dash with many of them saying that they don’t mind that it does not have anything on. Most of the tech and features can be controlled by the touch display.

Some people are still uncomfortable with the fact that Tesla puts so much trust on the touchscreen as they would make a lot of features inaccessible of the touchscreen were to break down but so far, that has not happened yet.

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