Tesla Model 3 Could Come With Multi-Colored Doors

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When you get a new car, the last thing you think would happen would be to have the vehicle come with different door inserts but that is exactly what a Tesla Model 3 got when the Tesla Model 3 arrived.

A Tesla customer reported that their Tesla Model 3 Performance model was supposed to come with a white exterior along with white interior trimmings so you can imagine the surprise or outrage when they notice that while three of the door panels was one of them was not.

Since the Performance model was sold for $78,000, we bet the customer was not too happy about getting the mismatched doors. The fact that it actually made it to the customer is surprising since it means that the factory and the delivery center both did not notice the error.

We do not know how Tesla is going to handle thing right now but if you are still waiting for your Tesla Model 3 to arrive, you might want to check to make sure all the door panel colors match.

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