Tesla Model 3: Biological War Mode Tested!

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Following the introduction of the Tesla Model X last year, Elon Musk talked about the concept of an upcoming SUV, BioWepon Defense mode and now we have seen the Tesla Model 3 being biologically war mode tested, it seems.

Tesla designed the Tesla Model 3 with 2 stage air filtration that comes with HEPA filter. This is said to be able to clean allergens along with bacterial and viruses from the air. If the driver presses the defence model button there is a hospital clean environment in the cabin of the vehicle.

The testing of the filtration system was seen on the Tesla Model 3 and if all goes well then the BioWeapon defence mode may be introduced to the Model S.

In the test Tesla put the Model X along with occupants inside an environment with high levels of pollution and then turned on the Bioweapon Defence mode. It took 2 minutes to scrub the air clean and bring down pollution so that the equipment wasn’t even able to measure it.