Tesla Model 3 Beats Mercedes-Benz C-Class To The Top?

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The Mercedes-Benz C-Class has always been on the top of the midsize premium sedan segment but it looks like that segment has a new King now as Tesla tweeted that their Tesla Model 3 is currently the best-selling midsize premium sedan in America.

Looking at all the issue they are having with the production, you would think that the Tesla will still be catching up to brands like Mercedes, Audi, and BMW but if the chart provided by Tesla is true, the new Tesla Model 3 could be at the top.

According to Bloomberg, Tesla should be producing 2560 units per week and about 34,414 for 2018 so far while the Mercedes Bens have sold 5419 units of C-Class last month and about 23,917 for 2018 so far.

Of course, the Mercedes also has the CLA-Class, which many still considers as a Tesla Model 3 rival so if that is the case, the Mercedes would still be leading but it was purely based on a single nameplate, Tesla takes the medal.

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