Tesla Increase Range For Free To Help Drivers Escape Irma

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With Hurricane Irma now barreling down towards the residents of Florida, the residents will need everything they have to make their way to safety. Luckily for them, Tesla is lending a hand as well.

According to Electrek, Tesla unlocked the battery capacity of their Tesla Model S and Telsa Model X 60/ 60D models so that they can all make full use of the 75kWh battery. The extra capacity will allow the drivers to get a few more miles out of their Tesla.

Usually, customers will have to pay extra to get Tesla to unlock the extra 15kWh of the battery but a few owners reported that his vehicle had an additional range of 40 miles when he checks indicating that Tesla did unlock the battery.

Tesla later announces that they decided to do this after one of their customers contacted them to get his battery unblock so that he can evacuate.

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