Tesla Cybertruck To Get Electromagnetic Windshield Wiper

The Tesla Cybertruck showed off last month was far from ready as it was missing a few key features like the windshield wiper but that might be because it will not be coming with a standard wiper.

A new patent discovered by Automobile Magazine filed back in March with the United States Patent and Trademark Office showed a design with a single wiper that runs along with a pair of tracks at the top and bottom of the windshield. The wiper will then move horizontally across the glass.

The design will allow the wipers to reach corners that the normal wiper won’t be able to reach. Tesla also added that the wipers will be much more energy-efficient compared to the standard wipers since it requires less power from the battery.

When not in use, the wipers will hide nicely beside the A-pillars. On whether we will actually see these wipers on the upcoming Cybertruck, we will just have to wait and see.