Tesla Cybertruck Still Very Much A Concept

After much talk about the new Tesla Cybertruck, you would think that the truck that Tesla finally wants to show us will be very close to a production model but the Cybertruck that we saw last week was more of a concept.

The design was the vehicle was pretty extreme with all the sharp angles and odd shape but on top of that, the vehicle has had no mirrors or wipers on, the lighting also does not look like it would be suitable for on the road drive. The sharp angles also left many wondering how the vehicle will end up if it was involved in a crash.

The wheels and tires also looked like it belongs in the movies and not on the road. Of course, Tesla is far from done and we can expect to see more changes being made to the truck before they are ready to offer it on the road but it is hard to imagine how the actual production model would look like with the concept looking so outrageous.