Tesla Cybertruck: Fans Got Its Back

When Tesla first pulls the covers off the Tesla Cybertruck, a lot of people did not know what to think of it because of its shape and design but it looks like, despite that, people are still rushing to put their name down.

The last we heard, it was reported that Tesla already scored more than 200,000 reservations for their electric pickup truck with 146,000 of those made on the first day of when the Tesla Cybertruck was revealed. The number has now grown to 535,000 pre-orders.

Since the customer will need to put down $100 for the reservation, that would mean that Tesla has already collected about $53,500,000. Of course, the deposits are refundable so many of them might actually change their mind when it is time to confirm their order for the Tesla Cyvertruck.

The Tesla Cybertruck base model will be coming in with a $39,900 price tag and will be powered by a single electric motor that will have 250miles to offer. There is also a dual-motor version that will offer 300miles and a tri-motor version which will have 500miles to offer.