Tesla Cybertruck Could Work On Next Tesla Sports Car As Well?

We are not too sure what to feel about the new design on the Tesla Cybertruck. As futuristic as it looks, some poeple think that it might not be the most practical design out there but if Tesla does go ahead with the design, could we also see a similar design on other future Tesla models?

Created by JHD Creative, the new sports car was given the Cybertruck design. The Tesla Cybercar was fitted on with the new Cybercar design and we got to say that it does not actually look that bad once you get used to all the sharp edges.

It does look more aggressive compared to the Tesla Roadstar that was already revealed in the past. The funny part of this all is that the designer made sure they also cracked up the driver side windows of the car to match what we saw when the Cybertruck was unveiled.

What do you think of the rendering?