Tesla Confirms $25k EV, Don’t Get Excited Yet

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The cheapest Tesla Model 3 that you can get right now is the Tesla Model 3 which has a based price of $35K but it looks like Tesla might be aiming even lower in the future as Elon Musk suggest that there will be a $25K model soon.

According to Elon Musk, Tesla could hit a price point of $25K in a few years time but they will have to work really hard to make that happen. While it does sound good on paper, we do need to take note that like the $35K Tesla Model 3, the vehicle will most likely not start out with that price tag. The cheapest Tesla Model 3 that you can actually get right now is $50K.

We also need to take note that Tesla already has a few models line up. We are still waiting for them to offer the Tesla Model Y, Semi, pickup truck and Roadster and based on what we have seen from them so far, it will take more than three years for them to actually get those out.

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