Temple Run 2 Hits US App Store

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If you are a fan of the Temple Run 2 game then you may want to read this. The sequel to the game has come into the App Store. It has been seen in the New Zealand App Store today and it is now showing up in the US App Store too.

Temple Run 2 shows up in US App Store, Android version still MIA

The game has the traits of the original Temple Run, which means that you will have to run away from danger while at the same time grabbing as many coins as you can and avoid hitting barricades. While you might be thinking that this is just the same as the original game, there are some things that have changed and there are enhancements. For one thing the graphics have been improved.

In addition to this you are now able to get a ride in mine carts and zip lines. There is also a larger monkey, at least according to the description on the App Store.

Temple Run 2 is showing in the US version of the App Store finally, however at the moment there is no word of its release on Android handsets. Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that the game doesn’t take as long to come into the Google Play Store as the first game did.

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