Temple Run 2 Now Available For iPhone & iPad

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Temple Run fans listen up! The sequel to the highly popular app has finally hit the App Store. Temple Run 2 was seen in the New Zealand App Store earlier today and now it is available for the US App Store.

Temple Run 2 hits iPhone & iPad

Just like the original, you will be sprinting away from danger whilst trying to pick up as many coins as you can without hitting one of the many barricades. While that sounds just like the original, there are some enhancements. For starters the visuals have been spruced up.

In addition to the improved visuals, Temple Run 2 will now let you ride in mine carts and on zip lines. And to top it off, there apparently is an even bigger monkey. That’s what the App Store description says at least.

While Temple Run 2 is now showing up in the US App Store, no word when it will be made available for Android. We just hope it won’t take as long to hit the Google Play Store as the original title did.

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