Temple Run 2 Gets 3,000 Reviews In 24hrs, Then Kicked Off Play Store After Proven Fake

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The Temple Run 2 game has already broken all records at the App Store thanks to fans of the Apple iPhone and iPad downloading the game.

Temple Run 2 for Android not here yet, all fakes

The game is the follow up to Temple Run, based on a temple, however there is a twist to the follow up game. The new location takes place in a floating environment and there are new mine carts and zip lines.

Thanks to the game bringing a host of goodies with it, we are expecting users of Android to be lining up to get their hands on the game. However the version for Android will not be in the Google Play Store until 24th January. This has been the perfect chance for knockoffs to flood into the Google Play Store hoping to make the most of the hype.

One of these in particular has the name of Temple Run 2 and already it has received more than 3,000 reviews. Google Play Store have since figured it out and cleaned up the mess so to speak – Google Play Store.


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