Temple Run 2 Cheats: Unlimited Coins & More

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Temple Run 2 is finally available in the App Store and with it iPhone & iPad users have begun their exploration into the sequel to one of the best games of 2012.

Temple Run 2 has received a decent graphics makeover and includes some new surprises. For one, it is now based in what appears to be a a floating cave. There is also a bigger monkey to look forward to which we have yet to see but already heard of.

Temple Run 2 cheats: unlimited coins

Other surprises include zip lines and mine carts so overall Temple Run 2 sounds like it won’t be able to disappoint us. Now over on YouTube there is a video which explains how to get unlimited coins and more in the new Temple Run 2 game. So if you’re not against using Temple Run 2 cheats then read on and watch the clip below.

All you have to do is download a small program called DiskAid which you then put on your device. When you have extracted it you will find a gamedata.txt, which you then have to move to the Temple 2 Run slot. Once you have done this you will have unlimited coins and more on the new game. Check out the video below for the full skinny.

Download: DiskAid | Files

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