Temple Run 2 Cheats: It’s All About The Benjamins!

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Temple Run 2 is, at last, available in the App Store, so iPhone and iPad fans can get going on the sequel to one of 2012’s best games. The sequel has had a graphics revamp and also has some surprises, like being set in what seems to be a floating cave. There’s also a bigger monkey, apparently, but we haven’t seen it yet.

Temple Run 2 cheats: unlimited coins

The other surprises include mine carts and zip runs, so it sounds action-packed and exciting. Go to YouTube to look for a video that shows you how to get unlimited coins in Temple Run 2 – if, that is, you’re not above the odd short cut….

All you need to do is download a small programme, DiskAid, onto your device. When you’ve extracted it you’ll see gamedata.txt, which you then transfer to your Temple Run 2 slot. Once you’ve done this, you’ll have unlimited coins and other goodies! The video’s at the bottom.

On a side note, while there may eventually be a cheat for unlimited coins for Temple Run 2 for Android, we haven’t come across any just yet. Do take note that Temple Run 2 did hit the Google platform a week later.

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