Temple Run 2 Hits Android, Thousands Of User Reviews Already… But Don’t Get Excited

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Temple Run 2 is already breaking records in the App Store as iPhone & iPad users download the game in droves.

Temple Run 2 hits Android with over 3,000 reviews but it’s a fake

Just like the original Temple Run, it is based around a temple but this time around there is a twist. Your new location is some kind of floating environment and there are other goodies like zip lines and mine carts.

With all these goodies, you can expect Android users getting in line to get Temple Run 2. However the Android version will only hit the Google Play Store on January 24. Until then, we have knockoffs flooding the Play Store to capture on the hype while they can.

One in particular is surprisingly fooling a lot of users. Called Temple Run 2 of course, it has a whopping 3,000 reviews already and the folks over at Google still haven’t caught it as a scam despite clearly not being developed by Imangi studios – Fake Temple Run 2.

Update – And it’s gone. Google has realized the mistake and removed it!

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