Telltale The Walking Dead: Clementine’s Story Might Still Get An Ending

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With everything that has been happening with Telltale, nobody really knows what to expect from them anymore. With Telltale only just releasing the second episode of The Walking Dead: Final Season, some people are worried that the game won’t actually get an ending.

Although that could still happen, it looks like some people might step in to help Telltale finish up the game so that they can actually complete the Final Season of their The Walking Dead game. Nothing has been confirmed yet but there is still hope.

Fans have been following the story of Clementine since the game was released years ago and to think that after all this time, the game was going to end without a real ending was a big blow to the fans. Hopefully, they can actually work things out and come out with a good story to end this whole chapter.

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