Telltale Remaining Staff Gone As Well?

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When Telltale announced that they were going to lay off most of their staff, it was reported that they kept about 25 staff behind but it looks like even those staff are gone now.

It was initially announced that the remaining 25 would be staying for the “foreseeable” future but it looks like that foreseeable future is just two more weeks. According to narrative design Rachel Noel who was part of the skeleton crew, all of them got laid off as well.

That tweet was also followed up by another claiming long working hours and mismanagement that they had to endure while working for Telltale. At this point, we really do not know what Telltale has planned as well as the future of their games.

Right now, it does not look too good for the Wolf Among Us fans but there might still be hope for those looking to see The Walking Dead to the end.

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