Legendary Tamagotchi App Headed To iPhone & Android!

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If you miss the days of virtual pets you will be happy to know that Bandai has said they plan to bring back Tamagotchi. It will be coming to Android and iOS as an app very soon.

Tamagotchi was the in-thing during the 90s and people had to take care of them, feed them and maintain their living. Some people wanted to see them on mobile devices as this would be the perfect platform as you have your device with you all the time.

Digital Spy said that Bandai have now found out how great this idea would be and they are at work on Tamagotchi L.I.F.E app which will also have a retro mode. This will bring back the old Tamagotchi which were on keychains but now on your Android and iPhone.

You can take part in mini games when you are not looking after your pet, give the pet medicine, play with it and turn off the lights to allow it to sleep. You will be able to save your progress as you go along which means that you don’t have to keep it running in the background and get fed up of the noise it makes whenever you need to go pooper scooping.

The only thing we know about the release at the moment is that it is coming soon. Can you wait to get your Tamagotchi?

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