Tamagotchi App For Android Available Now

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Anyone who was growing up during the 1990s will know how popular the small toy on a key chain with the name of Tamagotchi, which came from Bandai. Now the toy is enjoying its 16th birthday and to honour this the company have decided to bring the Tamagotchi into the 21st century on Android, while iOS has to wait.

The app is available to Android users and for those who are not familiar with it, the owner has to care for a virtual pet by way of pressing buttons to feed, play and put the pet to bed. The app also comes with a retro mode and this takes you back to the original toy, plus there are some new features along with mini games.

This is the first official app Tamagotchi and one major change is now the pet is in colour, plus there are more characters and it comes in a higher resolution. There are signature wallpapers to collect, along with sharing virtual pets on Facebook.

At the moment the list of hardware on Android that the app is compatible with is small. It does say that the app needs Android Gingerbread however it appears to work with only a few colours of the Samsung Galaxy S3 along with the Samsung Galaxy Note.

The app will also work with some Nexus handsets, and it is surprising that more hardware is not supported as it is a simple app. The iOS version is coming soon, however we don’t know when. Check out to see if your Android device is compatible.

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