Tag Heuer Smartwatch Arriving With Double Feature

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The Tag Heuer Connected smartwatch is the most expensive smartwatch that you can buy right now with a price tag of $1,500. Even though it had such a high price tag it has been so popular that production of it was boosted just after launch so as to meet demand.

Now a new Tag Heuer smartwatch is being launched this year. The CEO of the company said that the launch of the new watch will be sometime in May, while sources say that we can expect the release date to be 14 March.

The new Tag Heuer smartwatch will have the name of Tag Connected Modular and it has been said that it will come with the option of swapping the main head unit, which is modular, for that of a traditional mechanical unit which comes with automatic movement. This does make it sound more appealing than the traditional smartwatch that has been offered to date.

Just as with the first smartwatch the new Tag Android 2.0 wearable is going to come with a price tag that is hefty. Of course the fans of Tag Heuer that the smartwatch is aimed at are not going to mind one bit.

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