T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S7 Jumps Queue In US Stores

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We all know about the MWC release of the Samsung Galaxy S7, but their official worldwide release won’t be until the 11th of March. But some lucky T-Mobile customers could even be getting their S7 way earlier since those that have preordered them have already received shipping notices saying that, “It’s on the way!” And it really sure is.

It’s unsurprising that all four major US carriers have already started taking preorders for the Galaxy S7 for the 11th of March release date, but seems like T-Mobile is the earliest of the clan to be providing enthusiasts’ desire for the phone. So if you’ve ordered one fem T-Mobile, chances are you’ll really be getting the S7 way ahead of others.

If you’re wondering why life has been this unfair to you (yes, those of you who didn’t preorder with T-Mobile), here’s something that would make you feel less bad about yourself. Apparently it’s not uncommon for certain carriers to deliver devices few days ahead of the worldwide release, so in the end, it all comes down to you making the choice to purchase it from whichever carrier of your choosing. You’re the lucky one if you chose T-Mobile in this case, but don’t put the blame on others if you preordered from other carriers.

Though there are still no word from Verizon, AT&T and Sprint on whether or not they are releasing their own version of the preorders, we’ll let you know as soon as we find out. Stay tuned.

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