T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S3 In Sleek Titanium Grey Available Next Week

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T-Mobile customers will be able to get their hands on the Samsung Galaxy S3 in Titanium grey from next week.

T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S3 in titanium grey available next week

The US carrier will be the first to have this colour in the handset and it is thought that it will take the place of the 16GB version of the pebble blue device. T-Mobile will still off the pebble blue in the 32GB version and you can get it on the online store.

The handset was one of the most popular of last year; however it has seen its fair share of issues.

Some owners of the Samsung Galaxy S3 have recently said that their motherboards have failed, making their devices unusable.

Samsung did say last week that they would fix this issue with a firmware update. However they have not said what the cause of the failure was.

It seems that this issue is only affecting limited numbers of the Samsung Galaxy S3 16GB. A spokeswoman for them said that the problem was with the firmware bug, and this could be resolved with an update to the firmware.

Samsung have only had to deal with limited numbers of owners who have experienced the problem, which is quite small. Therefore they do not have to worry about revamping their hardware build.

If you are worried about the issue you cannot do anything but wait for them to release the firmware fix. This should be coming in the next few weeks; however a date hasn’t been given.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 could reach the 50 million mark in sales during Q3 of this year.

Samsung have already announced that they have sold over 30 million handsets up to Q3 of 2012. Analysts meanwhile say that the phone sales will continue on even now that the Apple iPhone 5 is out.

The latest reports on phone sales say that the Samsung Galaxy S3 could reach the 50 million mark by the start of 2013.

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