T-Mobile iPhone 5 Unlimited Plan Good Except For 2 Things

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The recently announced Unlimited Everything plan will be great news for those waiting to get their hands on the expected T-Mobile iPhone 5. However there are two things you should be wary of.

There has been a lot of talk going around about the fact that T-Mobile is to change their plans and the rumours have now come true. T-Mobile has launched their contract free plans, which are simpler. The plans start at $50 a month and this gives you unlimited talk and text, along with 500 MB of high speed internet access, which is capped. This means that you no longer have to worry about watching how many minutes or messages you are using and are free to keep an eye on the data. Of course depending on how you choose to use your device this could be good or bad news. The plans are different in that they come without a contract of two years.

Earlier in the year the CEO of T-Mobile began talking about the launch of the Apple iPhone 5 too and putting a stop to subsidies. Details have now been revealed and people coming to T-Mobile will be able to get any handset from the carrier without a plan. If you want a new handset you can choose a one off payment or pay monthly in interest-free installments. If you make a one off payment you can see the subsidised cost of the device and a scaled recurring charge for the handset. You can get the Samsung Galaxy S3 with a monthly charge of $20 for example. The HTC One S has a $15 monthly fee. You would have to make a down payment and this would be the subsidised cost of the device. You could choose to pay this in one. What’s good about this is that you know how much the device will cost you. You will not be paying out more for a device just because you are signing a contract. You will have a type of monthly finance plan that comes interest free.

You do not have to worry about how many minutes and texts you are using, but you do have to consider the amount of data. If you pay out $50 then you will get 500 MB. If you go past this amount then you will be on 2G and this is like a snail’s pace. On the other hand the plans offer tethering. At least the carrier is not going to force customers to pay more if they want to use the capped data on a second device.

You can of course have more fast data and here there are two choices. You can have a capped data plan with tethering. This will go up in $10 amounts. For instance $60 will get you 2GB, $70 gets you 4GB and you can go up to 12GB for $110 a month. In comparison there is a plan with Sprint for $110 which includes unlimited everything, except for tethering. Verizon offer 2GB of shared data for $100 each month. This means that T-Mobile are being competitive with their prices.

T-Mobile are offering customers something that none of the other carriers are offering and they have made it simple for consumers along with providing rates that do seem to be reasonable. This will likely be the driving force behind getting a T-Mobile iPhone 5, even though it will cost more initially.

You do have to take into account that T-Mobile does not have LTE running right now and so coverage is not great. So the good news is that you can get the Apple iPhone 5 with everything unlimited but you will have two disadvantages – paying a higher starting price for the device and no decent LTE coverage.

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