T-Mobile iPhone 5 Release Date: Change Of Plans

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The Apple iPhone 5 is coming to T-Mobile and it is making its way out faster than what the CEO first said it would. This is refreshing as usually when release date plans are changed, there are usually delays.

When T-Mobile said they were to get the device the CEO put the time frame at around 6 to 9 months. Now this has changed and the estimate for the arrival is said to be 3 to 4 months. So you could have the device by summer.

Along with offering the T-Mobile version of the Apple iPhone 5, the carrier will be getting rid of subsidies for handsets.

At the moment they have 1.9 million subscribers owing the Apple iPhone and the CEO has said that making changes will not affect the sales. The monthly fees would be lower each month and the CEO of T-Mobile says that this may draw in around 5% more subscribers.

When you get the Apple iPhone 5 on T-Mobile you will not be locked into a contract of two years. This is good of course as Apple release a new device each month. Another bonus for iPhone owners is the fact that it is a good handset when it comes to selling it.

An email has gone out to those working at T-Mobile which talks of a blackout. This is to be from 18th March to 14th April. This blackout typically indicates the release of an iPhone, as this has been seen with other carriers. We can take from this that T-Mobile will be releasing their version of the Apple iPhone 5 at some point during this time.

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