T-Mobile iPhone 5 Release Date: Some Good News For Once

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There has been some good news for those waiting for the Apple iPhone to arrive on T-Mobile as it will be heading there faster than what was first thought. The release date has changed and this has been a surprise as it had been put ahead, not back, as is generally the case with tech.

T-Mobile said that they would be able to offer the Apple iPhone in around 6 to 9 months’ time and now this has been changed to just 3 to 4 months. This would mean that anyone wanting the handset could expect to be able to get their handset on it by summer of this year.

T-Mobile are also making more changes and this is by way of dropping off subsidised handsets.

At the moment T-Mobile have around 1.9 million people with iPhones on their network and the CEO said that plans to change will not have an effect on the sales on the phone. The monthly repayments will be lower as this could attract an additional 5% more subscribers.

If you get the handset with T-Mobile you would have to pay full price for it, but then you will not have a contract of two years. This of course is great news as Apple updates the iPhone each year. The Apple iPhone also have the best resale value of handsets.

An email went round T-Mobile saying that there would be a black out between 18th March and 14th April. In the past this has meant the release of an iPhone with other carriers and so suggests that T-Mobile will be revealing the handset at some point during this time.

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