T-Mobile iPhone 5 Release Date: Some Positive News

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T-Mobile is getting the iPhone 5, and sooner than we thought! This is a big change from the usual smartphone release date announcements, which invariably put the date back.

The company originally said that the iPhone 5 would be available in six to nine months, and now it’s three to four months, so you’ll probably be able to bag it from T-Mobile in the summer.

When the iPhone 5 comes to T-Mobile, it’ll be just in time to see the end of the company’s generous subsidies for contract handsets.

Almost two million iPhone 5 users are on T-Mobile now, and the company CEO reckons scraping subsidies won’t affect sales. The company is also planning to make monthly payments lower, which will draw in more customers to the network.

If you want a T-Mobile iPhone 5, you’ll pay full price for it, but you won’t be tied into it for two years. If you like to upgrade every year, you’re onto a winner, as you can buy each iPhone as it comes out. Even better, iPhones have a high resale value, so you’ll recoup some of your upgrade costs.

T-Mobile staff have heard about a blackout that runs from March 18 to April 14, and this suggests that the iPhone 5 will be out during this period, as other carriers operate blackouts for the iPhone.

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