T-Mobile iPhone 5 Coming In Early 2013, Delay Due To LTE Network Rollout?

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The iPhone 5 could be coming to T-Mobile very early in 2013. At least this is what one analyst has predicted reports CNET. If the deal comes about it could mean adding another one to two million iPhone 5 buyers during the first quarter of 2013.

T-Mobile iPhone 5 coming in early 2013?

At the moment T-Mobile is the only carrier not to have the iPhone for sale. In May they said that were dishing out $4 billion so they could boost their 4G LTE network, which would make it possible for the iPhone to be on their shelves and in more markets. They also said that they had plans with MetroPCS to merge, and they too have been working on their LTE network. If this works out then it would boost LTE to more customers.

However even if T-Mobile don’t offer the iPhone, it is thought that during the first quarter of 2013 it will sell better than the 4th quarter of this year. However T-Mobile could be a catalyst that would go towards higher sales of the iPhone 5.

Apple may have sold more than 25 million iPhones during Q3 and this is thought to be a conservative estimate, with the actual amount being even higher. The analysts edged his bets with two scenarios for the iPhone 5 for 2013.

The first is that Apple would continue with dominance in the smartphone market and increase in growth in China, selling around 247 million iPhones. On the other hand they may not manage to get a deal with China Mobile and this would affect the sales of the iPhone 5 and this could mean only 180 million sales for the iPhone 5.

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