T-Mobile iPhone 5 Release Date Just Got Fast-Tracked

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Most people will have heard that T-Mobile is about to get their hands on the Apple iPhone 5 soon. However this will now happen sooner than first thought. When it comes to tech and date changes this is good news as it makes a change from dates being put back. T-Mobile is now saying that they will get the Apple iPhone 5 in around 3 to 4 months. The CEO had originally said that this would be 6 to 9 months. So it looks like it will be a summer of the iPhone at T-Mobile.

Along with offering the handset T-Mobile are stopping subsidised handsets. Around 1.9 million people have an iPhone with T-Mobile on pre-paid plans and the CEO has said that he doesn’t think their plan changes will have any effect on the sales. The monthly plans will be cheaper for customers and it is hoped that this would fetch in around 5% more subscribers.

People who take the iPhone with T-Mobile will not be locked into contracts lasting two years. This is great news as there is nothing worse than seeing the latest iPhone released and not being able to get it because you are only half way through your contract. Apple of course releases their devices each year. The iPhone does have high resale value and this is also great news.

Staff at the carrier have received an email which tells them of a blackout over 18th March to 14th April. In the past when other carriers have blackouts it has been due to an iPhone being released.

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