T-Mobile iPhone 5 Release Date Brought Forward

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T-Mobile is to finally get the Apple iPhone, starting with the Apple iPhone 5 and the good news is that it will be making its way to the carrier earlier than what was expected. This is a shock as usually when changes are made to the arrival of tech it is to put them back.

T-Mobile did state that they would get the handset in around 6 to 9 months. This has now been altered and it will be within 3 to 4 months instead. If you want the device with the carrier you can expect it around summer time.

T-Mobile plans to change things with plans as they are putting a stop to subsidised handsets.

Right now they have around 1.9 million people with iPhones on their network and the CEO of the carrier says that sales should not be affected when they change plans. Monthly plans will work out cheaper for customers and the carrier believes that they should be able to draw in 5% more subscribers.

If you were hoping to get the device on contract you can forget it, but there is the benefit of not being locked into a contract. This is good news in a way as Apple generally releases a new handset each year. The Apple iPhone 5 is also great when it comes to re-selling it on.

An email was sent around at the carrier which told staff that there would be a blackout between 19th March and 14th April. Blackouts with other carriers in the past signified the release of a new iPhone. So from this we can take it that T-Mobile will have the iPhone on sale some point during this period.

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