T-Mobile iPhone 5 Fastracked, Twice As Close Now

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Those on T-Mobile who have been waiting for the release of the Apple iPhone 5 will by know that the device is making its way to T-Mobile. The device is now coming sooner than what was first thought, which is a huge surprise, as when dates are changed they are generally put backwards.

At first T-Mobile said that the Apple iPhone 5 would be on their shelves in around 3 to 4 months. Now the CEO has said that this will be around 3 to 4 months. This means that if you want to get the device, you could have it by summer.

T-Mobile is also making another change and this is by way of getting rid of subsidised plans.

At the moment there are around 1.9 million users of the Apple iPhone on the T-Mobile network. Despite the changes T-Mobile have said that they don’t expect people to be put off and they think that thanks to the fact that the monthly plans will be lower. This would be down to the fact that the monthly repayments will be lower and this could attract around 5% more subscribers.

There is a downside and this is the fact that if you want the T-Mobile version of the Apple iPhone 5 you would have to pay out the full price for the device. On the good side you would not be stuck with a plan of two years and there are downpayment/installment plan options. So as Apple reveal a new device each year, this is great news. Another bonus is that the iPhone has a great resale value.

T-Mobile gave staff a blackout which is to take place over 18th March to 14th April. When this has happened with other carriers in the past it has been for the release of a new Apple iPhone.

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