T-Mobile iPhone 5 Release Date: April 14 Is All You Will Need To Probably Bear Until

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If you have been waiting for the arrival of the Apple iPhone 5 coming to T-Mobile then you will not have to wait for much longer as the CEO of T-Mobile said at CES that the device will be available far faster than what had originally been planned.

T-Mobile iPhone 5 release date nearer than previously anticipated

The CEO had originally said the device would be coming to T-Mobile within 6 to 9 months, however now it should be here within the next 3 to 4 months, so you could have it by summer.

They will be revealing it with a twist as when the Apple iPhone 5 is revealed T-Mobile will also be putting an end to subsidised handsets.

At the moment the carrier has around 1.9 million iPhone owners on their network. The CEO said that he was full of confidence that the sales would not be affected by lack of subsidies. They think that it could work in their favour as people could be drawn in as the monthly fees would be lower. This means that they hope that there will be an increase in subscribers by around 5%.

As T-Mobile will not be tying subscribers in to contracts of two years they will be free to get the latest version of the Apple iPhone when Apple reveal it, which they do each year. Another thing in the favour of iPhone users is that the Apple iPhone has a high resale value.

Late last month, the folks over at TMoNews came across an email to T-Mobile employees informing them of a 4 week blackout period that ran from March 18th to April 14th. Given that we’ve seen both AT&T and Verizon put such vacation blackouts in place for releases of a new iPhone, we can expect that T-Mobile has done the same. If so, we may see the T-Mobile iPhone 5 release date fall no later than April 14. Fingers crossed.

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